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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cisco Packet Tracer 5.0

Cisco Packet Tracer 5.0
25.4 MB
The Packet Tracer 5.0 will bring many new brilliant features. Just to mention some of them:

1. PT5.0 will be multi-user. It means you will be able to run multiple instances of PT5.0 on one or more computers and then connect them together trough IP sockets. With this feature you will be able to create one big topology, distributed across computers on your classroom and each student will work on his small part of the big picture. It can lead to network games, challenge labs, etc
2. Open Devel API %u2013 PT5.0 will offer an open development API for Flash Action Script and C . You will be able to write your own PT addons, features, etc. One of the great addon could be a plugin which connects the virtual PT5.0 devices to a real devices!

And at last, but not least, some new protocol support:
Multi-Area OSPF
Route Redistribution
Multilayer Switch (3560)
Frame Relay update
Interface range
Different grades for different commands in labs
Possibility for locking PT to the student\'s nam

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