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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love you my love.... and happy anniversary

hari ini, adalah 7 tahun yang lalu.
Saat kita mengikat janji sehidup semati di hadapan Allah yang Maha Pengasih.

Saat kita dipersatukan dalam tali pernikahan yang suci.
Saat kita menjadi satu bukan lagi dua.
Saat sukamu adalah sukaku
Saat dukamu adalah dukaku
Saat sakitmu adalah sakitku
Saat warna warni kehidupan mewarnai bahtera kita.

hari ini, canda tawa buah hati kita telah melengkapi lembaran kehidupan kita
masih banyak mimpi yang ingin kita gapai...
masih banyak tugas yang membentang.
tetaplah gandeng tanganku, tetaplah menjadi cintaku...
karena aku akan selalu menjadi Suami,
menjadi sahabat dan juga kekasihmu, sama seperti janji 7 tahun yang lalu.

Love you my love.... and happy anniversary

It's been 7 year

The Day I Met You
When I met you I found out what true love was,
Still today it amazes me what it reaaly does,
I've always been in love with you even when we were apart,
From the moment I saw you I knew you'd always have my heart,
I knew with all that I am one day I'd be your husband
And when that day came I had a meaning to my life,
Weve been through so much and it hasn't even been a year,
Our love keeps growing stronger and stronger I think that's pretty clear,
Thank you my wife for loving me and sticking by my side,
When I think of you, my wife, I am filled with so much pride.

Time to Reflect

On our anniversary,
it's time to reflect on all the joy
our marriage has brought us over the years.
Remember our wedding day?
our wedding photos show
your affection, your passion,
the bond you feel with one another.
Since that day,
many more pleasures have come to us

because you chose to love each other.
As you reminisce,
let those fond, happy memories
strengthen our commitment
to love and care for each other...
Happy Anniversary my dear wife I always love you forever and ever


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